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Servicing & Repair

It seems people think of 'a service' as a chore that happens at pre-determined distances set by the factory. Something that is done, yet not really understood.

At Bespoke, servicing is a much bigger concept, and is done without one eye on the clock. It starts at the front wheel and concludes at the rear.


It's not an oil change, although that's part of it; it's not just checking tyre pressures, though we do that too. It's a 'whole of motorcycle' concept - it's about cleaning and lubricating cables, lever pivots, and stands. It's about valve clearances, synchronising carburettors and carefully adjusting low speed mixtures.

It's about steering head bearings, swing arm bearings, brake fluids, pads and shoes. If your motorcycle has it - it needs servicing and adjusting; carefully, thoroughly and accurately.  

At Bespoke, we not only understand that, but care deeply about how it's done.

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