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About Bespoke

Bespoke Motorcycles is located on the Gold Coast of Australia's sunshine state, Queensland.


Bespoke is the brainchild of Brian Carey, a former proprietor of the original Classic Bike Tune, and was born from a desire to return to a time of quality craftsmanship and engineering.

It seems a flaw today that everything is done in haste with one eye on the clock. At Bespoke, it’s different. It’s about careful consideration, pride and, above all, quality.

Try Bespoke, it’s a refreshing change.

Bona Fides - Brian Carey

Straight out of school, Brian completed an electrical apprenticeship on the Gold Coast however, as the building industry failed to satisfy the inner motorcyclist, Brian joined Bernie Hatton as Top Rider's original instructor. He then moved to Precise School of Driving as motorcycle instructor and also instructed with the Queensland Road Safety Council.

Brian was then asked to join Southport Suzuki & Ducati and subsequently completed his second trade qualification as a motorcycle mechanic, working on a multitude of riders' dreams from solo race bikes to grand prix sidecars, and specialty builds to design and construct modifications for riders with restricted mobility.

Surfers Paradise International Raceway and Lakeside provided the backdrop for Brian to hone his craft of motorcycle set-up and tuning and, of course, to log many hours on various highly-tuned and exotic bikes.

Ultimately setting up as Redline Motorcycle Services, Brian subcontracted to Classic Bike Tune, eventually taking over Classic in partnership with the illustrious David Blomfield.

For reasons now unclear, Brian transitioned out of Classic at the turn of the century into a law degree and has now spent nearly twenty years wielding books by day, and tools by night.

Ultimately, the lure and love of the bikes won. He's back!

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